Dealers now have nearly two million new cars sitting on their land

: In an aerial view, Mak Haik Agency is seen on December 14, 2022 in Houston, Texas.

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Inventory of new cars at dealers In the United States continue Climbs up slowly and steady With production recovering around the world after the brunt of the epidemic. according to Auto NewsThis trend was no different in June, and Unsold electric cars are a big reason for this.

Data from Cox Automotive, reported by Auto Newssays there are an estimated 1,953,512 vehicles sitting unsold Dealer lot now. This works out to a width of 53 days — which is 75 percent more than the same time just a year earlier. It also increased slightly from the previous month, when 1,928,619 vehicles were offered. Cox reportedly generates this data by looking at the rate of sales from the previous 30-day period.

The main reason for the average supply of 53 days is due to one thing: electric vehicles. According to the outlet, these vehicles have a 103-day supply. This makes it the only part apart Ultimate luxury and comfort You have a 100-day supply on the other side. However, Cox points out that Full size cars It was close to 99 days, but that’s not really surprising.

On the other side of the coin cCompact and mid-size crossovers. They are said to have narrowest inventors.

from Auto NewsIn the reports, it can be confirmed that inventory levels were the lowest among lower priced vehicles, and inventory appears to be growing in proportion to price. This is not a big surprise. I mean, who actually has the money for an expensive car now? exactly. Nobody does. Another interesting little fact is that Toyota And Honda Nine of the top 10 boards carry the smallest supply.

Auto News Reports indicate that of the seven automakers still reporting monthly sales and inventory numbers, six saw their Days View increase last month between one and four days. Just Volvo level remained.

So if you want a deal on the car, we may not be where we were a few years ago, but things are starting to get back to normal.

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