Dark and Darker’s legal dispute continues with Nexon filing a lawsuit

Nixon, Publisher Beyond Maple story and other online games, embroiled in a series of legal actions against Ironmace Games, the developer of the indie hit darker and darker. The conflict resulted in a police raid, the removal of the game from Steam, and the torrent being distributed by the developer. With a new lawsuit, it looks like this complicated struggle may be far from over.

darker and darker is a fantasy game first made available for play-testing in the year 2022. Players take on the role of typical fantasy classes such as barbarian or wizard, then make their way through fantasy dungeons, under assault by nefarious skeletons and other players.

I enjoyed the game Attention during play testsbut Ironmace is stymied by Nexon’s allegations of it darker and darker It was created from stolen code and assets. Ironmace was sued by Nexon; in March , Nexon filed for cease, desist and DMCA takedown that led to Ironmac’s removal darker and darker from Steam. Ironmace prematurely deployed, then withdrawn, GoFundMe with a goal of $500,000 To cover legal fees and to continue paying staff salaries during development darker and darker. Since Ironmace is unable to perform a planned playtest through Steam, The developer has made the game available via torrent instead of.

Now Nexon is pursuing a lawsuit against Ironmace, alleging copyright infringement. Nixon claims darker and darker Built in part from one of the publisher’s projects, Announced as “P3” in 2021and that p3 f darker and darker It’s pretty much the same game. Developers from Nexon will still be part of Ironmace, a studio describes himself As “a fun group of seasoned game developers who are disillusioned by the exploitative and greedy practices we helped create.”

Nixon filed a lawsuit on April 14 in the US District Court for the Western District of Washington, seeking a jury trial.

Nexon Korea Corporation v. Ironmace Co., Ltd. by Polygondotcom on Scribd

Nexon’s complaint includes the names of Ju-Hyun Choi, a developer at Ironmace, and Terence Seungha Park, CEO of Ironmace. In her complaint, Nixon said Choi was a former Nixon employee and director of the P3 project. Choi allegedly “urged members of the P3 project team to re-create P3 outside of Nexon”; “successfully recruited nearly half of the P3 squad including Park”; and “transferred 11,602 P3 project files from Nexon to its own servers.”

Nixon says this gave Ironmace a big leg up darker and darkerdevelopment:

While developing a video game of P3 complexity from scratch usually takes a considerable amount of time, Ironmace was able to release a demo for P3—renamed “Dark and Darker”—just ten months after Ironmace was formed. The reason the defendants were able to release Dark and Darker so quickly was that they took advantage of the head start they were given by stealing Nexon trade secrets — trade secrets that took a team of more than twenty people working eleven months on Nexon’s account to develop .

The lawsuit also compares the assets of P3 and Dark and dark Such as an animation of the opening of the chest and the location of a potion on the player.

Nexon is seeking an injunction to prevent distribution darker and darker and an unspecified monetary exemption from damages. Throughout the conflict, Ironmace maintained its innocence, saying that all code was written in-house and most assets were purchased from the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

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