Damage to Russia was minimal

Asked on Republika TV about the situation in Ukraine two years after the Russian invasion, Lisicki said, “This war will end without a resolution,” as we know it from the times of the First or Second World War.

– I think we will deal with a kind of frozen conflict, maybe on the Korean peninsula, that is, a real division, but not fully accepted by some kind of peace agreement, he said.

– I assume the Russians will keep the captured territories. “Ukraine and the West will not accept this and we will deal with a frozen conflict situation that will last for a long time,” he noted.

Lisicki: America Can't Fund Two Wars in Ukraine and Israel

According to Lisicki, American research indicates such a scenario of events.

– Willingness to support Ukraine financially and militarily is currently very small. This is, firstly, because the conflict is dragging on, and secondly, because a new element has appeared – in the Middle East, the conflict between Israel and Hamas, which means that most of the money can go. Ukraine will go to the Middle East – he said.

He added that the US “couldn't finance these various activities on such a large scale”.

In his opinion, Vladimir Putin should not be held responsible for the conflict in the Middle East. – So even though he benefited, we have been fighting a strong war for a long time, in which both sides fought each other and could not reach any agreement – ​​he explained.

Sanctions against Russia. “They do little damage”

Commenting on the EU's sanctions policy against Russia, Lisicki said she had always been skeptical of the measures “for a very simple reason”. – The ways to avoid them are very large, the damage to Russia is very small, we can easily see – this is not only my opinion, but also the opinion of many analysts – new sanctions will not change this, he said.

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He also pointed out that “there is not formal peace on the Korean Peninsula, but there is in fact.”

The editor-in-chief of “Do Rzeczy” criticized the idea of ​​building a European army. – I consider this thinking to be frivolous and harmful. Any attempt to change Americans in this way is absurd to me, he insisted.

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