Czech Minister: A series of pro-Russian governments will be installed in Europe next year.

“If we fail, the influence of pro-Russian forces will increase. Next year, several pro-Russian governments will be formed in Europe that want to force Ukraine to make major compromises and fly to Russia for cheap gas. This would be the end of the European Union’s common front and threaten our existence, Czech Economy Minister Josef Sigela has warned. He said Russia is waging an effective hybrid war by spreading fear through disinformation used by populists and extremists.

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“I am very worried. There is no need to pretend, the situation is dramatic,” Sigela told German daily Die Welt.

The Czech politician recalled last Sunday’s protest in Prague against high energy prices and the lifting of sanctions against Russia. “This demonstration was organized by extremists – communists, those who question the existence of the coronavirus and pro-Russian forces, but with them there were also ordinary people who fear an uncertain future. He must take these problems seriously. Governments in Europe must mitigate their consequences,” the minister stressed.

According to the politician, there will be a “decisive battle” in the coming winter. According to Sigela, “The Kremlin believes that our countrymen will not agree to continue our policy this winter, and that we will be forced to lift sanctions.” However, the Czech minister insisted that “this will not happen”.

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In an interview with Die Welt, the politician also suggested “a certain deviation” from CO2 emissions trading rules. “This is not about giving up on our climate goals,” he stressed, adding that “we have a battle, though.” “If the EU fails to deal with the problem of rising energy prices, pro-Russian forces in Europe will gain prominence next year, forcing Ukraine to come to terms with Russia,” Czech Economy Minister Jozef Sigela warned.

The Czech Republic holds the Presidency of the European Union for these six months.

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