Cyber ​​attack in Ukraine. Target of banks and government sites

According to Bloomberg and Reuters, Ukrainian authorities have again targeted cyber attacks. Websites of banks and many government departments are not functioning.

At 4 pm, a new major DDos attack (distributed service denial – version) began in our country.“- Ukrainian Minister for Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov, quoted by Interfax. Many government websites and banking sites do not work.

Fedorov announced on his Telegram channel: In Ukraine, there is a massive DDoS attack on the websites of state organizations, including Verkovna Rada, the Cabinet and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He said access issues were related to shifting the flow of information to another vendor “to minimize damage caused by the attack”.

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A similar attack took place exactly a week ago. It was later described as the largest in history. The DDoS attack then affected government websites and the banking sector.

This is another recent cyber attack by Ukrainian authorities. The previous record was set on January 14th.

In the aftermath of the February 16 attacks, The Washington Post reported Hackers hired by the Russian government to gather data needed during the Russian invasion infiltrated Ukraine’s military, energy and other security-critical computer networks.

Daily reference to US intelligence.

He quoted an anonymous U.S. official as saying Moscow may seek to disrupt the operations of Ukrainian companies providing key services such as electricity, transport, finance and telecommunications.Can destabilize the country.

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According to The Washington Post, hackers working for the Russian Federal Security Service (FSP) and the General Security Board (GRU) have been found in Ukrainian organizations.

In 2017, the Russians infected the Ukrainian ministries, banks and energy companies with a computer virus. The virus also spread outside Ukraine, which was not the intention of the Russians and caused billions of dollars in losses worldwide.

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