Could we see Sean Payton and Tom Brady in New Orleans next year?

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Earlier this month, we thought of Sean Payton and Tom Brady Finally in 2023, Maybe with the saints. While the possibility of Brady moving to New Orleans (or wherever) remains entirely unknown, there is a growing school of thought in league circles that Payton, if coached in 2023, would return to the Saints.

Finger on the pulse of pro football, one source told PFT that he is currently the “hidden worst” in league circles.

It would still be amazing if it happened. Given the various potential openers of 2023, it could be the only place Payton and Brady could finish what almost happened in Miami for 2022.

Brady is a free agent after the season. He can go anywhere. Why not saints? Why not cooperate with Payton? Why not play his home games in the stadium where he won his first Super Bowl?

As the source said, Payton will not be going to Denver or the Carolinas. With the Chargers making the playoffs, this job will no longer be open. The only other possible destination would be the Cowboys, should Dallas lose in the opening round of the playoffs and fire coach Mike McCarthy.

The only drawback to Payton’s return to the Saints is that it will delay his quest to be the first coach in league history to win a Super Bowl with two different teams.

Stay in touch. Perhaps Payton will return to New Orleans. Brady and Peyton finally come together in 2023.

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