Corruption in Estonia. Most people want the Prime Minister to step down after the revelations about her husband

Sixty-six percent of respondents — asked if Kaja Kallas should resign as Estonia’s prime minister — answered “yes” or “yes.” 29 percent chose “probably not” or “not at all”; 5 percent were undecided.

Respondents also estimated that 80 percent of Estonian companies should not currently engage in economic cooperation in Russia.

A poll conducted last week, shortly after the scandal broke, showed 57% of voters supported the prime minister’s resignation. was counted.

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Last week, ERR TV reported that the prime minister’s co-owned transport company continued to cooperate with Russian companies. Opposition parties and mainstream Estonian newspapers called for Kallas to step down. She herself concluded that “there is no need to resign from her post because she has done nothing wrong.”

Callas’ husband, in a statement to the media, promised to sell his shares in the company and resign from all activities in it. “The activities of companies related to the prime minister’s husband do not break the sanctions imposed on Russia,” the Estonian Internal Security Bureau (KPO) noted.

Prime Minister Gallas on Monday refused to appear before a parliamentary committee investigating her husband’s Russian business ties.

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