Coronavirus: Germany – New restrictions – Masks, tests and vaccinations

However, this information only gives an incomplete picture of the situation; Experts have for some time assumed that there is a large number of cases of infection that are not recorded by the RKI. This is why Only positive PCR tests were included in the statistics.

Against a growing number Health Minister Karl Lauterbach and RKI President Lothar Wheeler recently warned of a new wave of coronavirus.. New regulations have come into effect in Germany from October 1 to prevent it.

FFP2 masks are mandatory in hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices and other health care facilities. – and for all persons aged 14 and over on long-distance trains such as ICE and Intercity. Children between 6 and 13 years of age can wear normal surgical masks.

For care facilities and hospitals Entries can only be made with a negative current test result On the Corona Virus. Employees of these facilities should self-examine at least three times per week. Nursing homes should appoint representatives to take care of vaccination, hygiene and treatment of patients, including, for example, Paxlovit..

The mandatory wearing of face masks on flights, which has been in place for months, is being lifted. However, if the situation is too complicated, the German government can introduce it through a regulation. These relaxed rules also apply to vacations back home during fall break and the Christmas season — at least until a new, more dangerous variant of the virus emerges.

In addition to these national laws, Individual federal state governments may pass further restrictions. This could, for example, extend the obligation to wear masks to limited spaces such as shops and restaurants or cultural, sporting and entertainment events. However, this obligation does not apply to those who currently have a negative coronavirus test. Tests may be mandatory in schools and after-school clubs. Masks may also be required in schools — but starting in fifth grade and only to the extent “necessary to maintain regular attendance in class.”

In the event of a critical situation in the region, The Lander may impose further requirements. This includes the mandatory wearing of masks at outdoor events if a distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained. Additional sanitation requirements for businesses and other facilities may be introduced. In addition Upper spectator limits are possible for indoor events.

Preparations are also underway for the next major vaccination campaign – a booster of basic vaccinations given some time ago. From October 1, the booster vaccine – the third injection – should generally be considered a “full vaccination”.

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