Corona virus infection. Germany: Massive investigations into Govt fraudsters

The losses are estimated only in the German capital. Euro 140 million. So far about 2 thousand have been able to verify. Cases, more than 8,000 files Cases lie on the officers’ desk Berlin.

In 2020, as soon as it was introduced Disabling, The German government began to give 5,000. Euro for people who found themselves in a difficult financial situation due to the epidemic. All you have to do is fill in the electronic form to get the money in the account the next day without any unnecessary formalities.

As it turns out, thousands of people who are not eligible for such assistance have benefited from this support. The tax administration checked the applications after payment. Overall, the Berlin Senate set aside funds to help small businesses and entrepreneurs 2 billion euros.

In other federal states, too, German police carried out Testing at company headquartersHe is suspected of extorting money to fight the effects of the epidemic. In Lower Saxony, the entire network of criminals who submitted applications for financial assistance and provided false data and information about economic activities was broken into. As a result, the perpetrators received nearly 26 million euros from the state.

However, the problem is not just about the money that has to be given to those who are most in need during epidemics. Investigators in Germany are prosecuting hundreds of cases against the owners of the test centers The tests they performed were deliberately miscalculated.

Following the introduction of free trials, it was suspected that some such companies had registered trials that were not actually performed. In the town of Arich, near Bremen, police raided the premises of a 31-year-old woman who had defrauded the health insurance fund of about one million euros.

In Berlin, the public prosecutor’s office is investigating the owners 380 Govt Test StationsWho could defraud the government of 25 million euros. Among others, she was arrested every day by a group of fraudsters who claimed to have carried out PLN 30,000 worth of checks on the euro. In this way, the 46-year-old, who lives in Berlin, along with his sisters, ran several such points and extorted about 9 million euros.

Investigators from the German capital also focused on the people who exposed them during the epidemics Invalid vaccination certificates, And certificates exempting the wearing of masks where necessary. Currently, this is being actively undertaken 2,400 such activities.

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