Corona virus in the world. Epidemic situation in Great Britain, Portugal and Italy

The number of infections in Great Britain is declining – so the Health Minister has announced that Govt certificates and recommendations for working from home will be phased out in the UK by the end of January. The Prime Minister of the Netherlands has also announced that the restrictions will be relaxed. In Portugal, several lessons were canceled on Friday due to the high number of infections the next day. Every day, there is a long queue of people for tests in Italian pharmacies, mainly in big cities.

In the UK, for the first time in 24 days, the daily presence of diagnosed coronavirus infections dropped to less than 100,000, it was reported on Friday. Data on infection over the past few days clearly show the peak wave triggered by the Omigron variant. The number of patients being treated in hospitals has been declining for three days. As of Thursday, there were 19.5 thousand of them. – about 350 less than the peak of the current epidemic wave.

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So far, the decline rate of infection development has not translated into a decline in new COVID-19 deaths. Admittedly, the 270 announced on Friday represents a three-day series break with a draw above 300, but it is still 41 higher than last Friday.

The Times reported on Friday that British Health Minister Sajid Javed had informed Conservative MPs that Govt certificates and recommendations for working from home would be revoked in the UK by the end of January.

Corona virus in Great BritainAndy Rain / Pop / EPA

The next review of existing epidemic controls is scheduled for January 26th. Javit’s announcement is that from February, it will only be necessary to wear masks in closed public places.

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Another day in Portugal with a high number of infections

The Portuguese Ministry of Health confirmed more than 40,000 on Friday. Corona virus infection in the last 24 hours – this is the third consecutive day of high number of infections. According to estimates by the Ministry of Health, a large number of corona virus infections are currently occurring in Lisbon integration and in the north of Portugal.

In the afternoon announcement, officials pointed out that since March 3, 2021, mass corona virus infections have also been reported with an unrecorded number of deaths. During the last day, 34 of them were registered. The Ministry of Health added that COVID-19 will be responsible for almost 10 percent by 2021. All deaths recorded in the country during this period.

Corona virus in PortugalMario Cruz / BAP / EPA

Meanwhile, representatives of the Portuguese Ministry of Education said several classes were canceled on Friday due to an increase in the fifth wave of the epidemic. This is due to the massive Govt-19 disease among the teaching staff.

About 10 percent of those affected in Spain suffer from chronic complications

The Spanish Ministry of Health points out that the daily prevalence of new infections is over 160,000. Cases. In the last 24 hours (42 more than last Friday) 139 people have been confirmed to have died of Govt-19 disease across the country, the health service said.

Catalonia is one of the countries most affected by the sixth wave of epidemics in the country’s autonomous communities, with a maximum of more than 25,000 registered on the last day. Infections. According to government estimates, about 10 percent of those infected with the corona virus in this country suffer from chronic complications from Govt-19.

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Important ceilings for the occupation of beds in Italy are high

In Italy, in the last 24 hours, 1,86,000 people have been affected by corona. 360 people died from COVID-19, which is high in this wave of epidemics. According to the Institute of Healthcare, the Omigron variant has caused more than 80 percent of infections in the country since early January.

Every day, there is a long queue of people for tests in Italian pharmacies, mainly in big cities. In some cases, you may have to wait several hours for the exam. 1.3 million tests were performed in the last 24 hours.

Corona virus in ItalyDino Romano / PAP / EPA

About 1,700 Govt-19 patients are in intensive care and about 18,000 of the remaining are affected. Nationwide, important ceilings for occupied beds are reserved for revitalized and conventional wards.

The Office of the Extraordinary Commissioner for Infections, General Francesco Figliolo, announced a significant acceleration of the vaccination campaign. 4.5 million people have been vaccinated in the last seven days, 1.5 million more than the previous week. The number of more than 50 vaccines has recently tripled. They are obligated to vaccinate.

Restrictions are somewhat relaxed in the Netherlands

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced on Friday a partial relaxation of the tight lock. From Saturday, shops, universities and gyms will reopen, and hairdressers and prostitutes will return to work. On Friday, more than 35.5 thousand people in the country set a record. New infections.

“There is still a serious threat of the virus, so we can not open the country immediately,” he said at a news conference. Due to this, restaurants, theaters and theaters will be closed. New Health Minister Ernst Kuipers says we need to learn to live with the corona virus.

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High infection rate in France

There are still a large number of new corona virus infections in France. The Public Health Organization (SPF) said on Friday that 329,371 cases had been reported.

Another corona virus variant has been identified in FranceTVN24

Due to the corona virus infection, 2,486 patients were admitted to hospitals with COVID-19 in the past day, of which 310 were in the intensive care unit. 191 patients died in hospitals. The total death toll from the corona virus has risen to 126,721 since the outbreak.

Key Photo Source: Dino Romano / PAP / EPA

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