Confused Movements of the Russians in the Baltic Sea. Sweden and Finland in readiness for war

Commander-in-Chief of the Swedish Navy, Adm. Ewa Skoog Haslum told Finnish newspaper Iltalehti that Russian ships had been spotted near wind farms and underwater power grids in the Baltic Sea.

According to him, the Russians should set targets for sabotage. “They somehow mapped the targets and we believe they did,” Haslam said. He added that the Russians would definitely sabotage and destroy the power cables.

He pointed out that the Swedish navy had been put on high alert to prevent sabotage by the Kremlin, adding that “this is them carrying out operations against us.” They made the same decision Finnish forces.

Haslam insisted that the Swedes were ready to repel the attacks. “We are ready for action, we are always at sea. All our units are ready, he assured. We are constantly working to deter saboteurs and defend ourselves,” he added.

The rest of the text is below the video.

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