College football results, rankings, highlights: BYU, Michigan, USC Among Week 3 Big Winners

No. 9 Baylor and No. 21 BYU capped the wild week 2 of college football events on Saturday night with their own thrilling game as the Cougars passed the Bears 26-20 in two additional periods. Katoa Lopini scored in the 3-yard dash to put BYU ahead in second overtime before the Cougars secured a match-setting stand from their defense to snatch the fourth-ever meeting between future Big 12 foes.

BYU had had two previous chances to snatch the game – one at the end of the slate and one in first overtime – but missed field goals increased the game on both occasions. It was ultimately fitting that the Cougars defense finally got it done as Baylor grabbed just 289 yards for the game.

BYU’s late-night win was the fitting result of a day of drama in sports. The most amazing surprises came from the Sun Belt Schools, with Appalachian State beating No. 6 Texas A&M 17-14, Marshall on No. 8 Notre Dame 26-21, and a stunning Georgia Southern Nebraska 45-42. Baylor became the third top 10 school to come down amid the chaos.

However, things weren’t all bad for the big-name schools. USC’s 10th-place finish appeared in an impressive win over Stanford, and No. 4 Michigan beat Hawaii 56-10 as quarterback JJ McCarthy made his career start, completing 11 of 12 passes for 229 yards and three touchdowns. (Then, coach Jim Harbaugh announced that McCarthy would start in Week 3 versus UConn.) Indeed, every top five team in the AP Poll survived Saturday unscathed, although Alabama No. 1 certainly had a close call Before winning 20-19 against Texas.

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College football scores, schedule: week two

No. 1 Alabama 20, Texas 19- Takeaway, summary
No. 3 Ohio State 45, Arkansas State 12- a summary
No. 16 Arkansas 44, South Carolina 30- a summary
Marshall 26, No. 8 Notre Dame 15 – a summary
41st Air Force, Colorado 10- a summary
No. 5 Clemson 35, Foreman 12 – a summary
Appalachian State 17, No. 6, Texas A&M 14- a summary
No. 24 TN 34, No. 17 Pittsburgh 27 –Takeaway, summary
No. 2 Georgia 33, Samford 0 – a summary
Iowa 10, Iowa 7 – a summary
No. 7 Oklahoma 33, Kent State 3 – a summary
No. 20 Kentucky 26, No. 12 Florida 16 – Takeaway, summary
No. 10 USC 41, Stanford 28- a summary
No. 4 Michigan 56, Hawaii 10- a summary
No. 21 BYU 26, No. 9 Baylor 20 – a summary
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