China. They are planning a fight and the Govt application sent them to isolation

According to CNN, thousands of victims in China have kept their lifetime savings in banks in Henan and have not been able to withdraw them since April. Planned Visit to the city of Zhengzhou and collective protest. However, after reaching the destination, their QR codes were green on departure, Turned red.

In China, freedom of movement is dictated by the coding system used by the government to control the spread of the corona virus. Red code It is usually assigned to victims or those at high risk. They are forbidden to go in all public places and on traffic lanes. They are also subject to weekly isolation.

The money-back protesters had earlier organized the first protest. At the end of May, hundreds of them arrived in Zhengzhou from all over China and demonstrated in front of the Bank Oversight Office in Henan. Recover your savings. It turned out – to no avail, so they decided to fight again. In his day, their symbols turned red.

Dozens of people were taken away Isolated hotel guarded by police and local authoritiesThen the next day they were sent back to their hometowns by trains. Others need to be “isolated” in many places around the city, including the university campus.

Protesters accused Zhengzhou authorities of manipulating the code to deceive their plans to protect their rights. As one protester said, “The codes should have prevented the spread of the epidemic, but now something has happened. Certificate of a good citizen“.

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