China: 15-year-old boy hit by car It was revealed that it was their son who had gone missing portal reports on the unusual consequences of a road accident. According to him, a couple who owned a local hair salon were driving through the city streets. At some point due to the carelessness of the driver, A car hit a boy who was walking on the road.

The man and his wife got out of the vehicle to check the boy’s condition and render aid. suggested that They will take you to the hospital for examination.

Confidential DNA testing

It was later revealed that the man took the 15-year-old boy to the hospital Picked some of his hair. Without informing my wife, Sent them for DNA testing. The results turned out to be absolutely shocking.

The man, as he himself admitted, saw from the beginning a great resemblance in the young man to his lost son. This has also been confirmed by research.

The couple decided to do it right away I will take a 15 year old under your roof. The boy was given new clothes, fed and given a haircut.

A young man’s sad fate

According to journalists who were able to speak with relatives and the boy, the 15-year-old was born in 2002. He spent the first years of his life with his grandmother in another region. At that time, my parents started their business.

After three years, the couple decided to take care of their son. Unfortunately, one day The boy, who was in the care of friends, went missing.

The person involved has no recollection of how he got lost. Initially, another family took care of him She gave him to someone who claimed to be his biological father. However, this is not true.

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The boy was forced to do manual labor and gave the money he earned to his father. some times A 15-year-old boy decides to run away and live on the streets. For months he ate food from garbage cans.

The young man’s story went not only to the media, but also to law enforcement agencies. Her abuser was arrested and jailed.


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