Chicago Cubs’ short-haired Nico Horner leaves the match after bumping into the referee day after day

San Diego – Chicago Cubs Shortstop Nico Horner He exited Wednesday’s final against Padres with a right ankle injury after colliding with second base referee Dan Isogna in the center field.

Horner was on the floor in pain after the collision in the first half and a coach took care of him. He stayed inside, hit the break and hit. Hoerner was replaced in the lower half of the half by Eldemaro Vargas.

Horner had an X-ray, which was negative. It is listed as daily.

Horner was running out to take the shot from him Jason Heyward distance gorexson brovar Hit a volleyball over the midfielder’s head for a triple.

Iassogna, the crew chief, remained in the game.

The two men said the cubs were on a shift that led to the collision.

“In the transition period, you’re sometimes in different places than people are sometimes used to,” Horner said. “I was watching the ball just as the referee was and I was on the floor before I really realized what had happened. We were just doing our job and sometimes weird things happened.”

Running on the field, ready to make a call about any potential game, Yasugna said, “I never saw him. I don’t think he saw me. There was definitely a collision. I know he said he got caught his feet up in mine and then I got off.”

Asked how difficult these plays were as the players moved to the shallow field, Isugna said: “It’s obviously very difficult.”

He said he’s still trying to do his job the same way. “I see the ball and try to catch the player. When I cast my initial sight, I didn’t see anyone. I thought I had an open path and then we slipped back into each other. It is so unfortunate that this happened.”

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Isogna said he checked with manager David Ross during the match about Horner’s condition, and then checked on the short layoff afterwards.

“I know Dan is horrified,” Ross said. “He was checking on him here after the match. It was just one of those coincidences. I think Nico will be fine. We’ll see maybe in a couple of days.”

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