Chest Enhancement Points: Cubs 8, Brewers 7

That was Wilde. Brewers took the lead. The cubs brought it back. The brewers brought it back. The cubs brought it back. The brewers brought it back. But then the cubs took her back for good.

You can’t stop Chicago netting in the last few weeks, that’s just a fact.

Although Keegan Thompson certainly looks exhausted, it was also a tough day playing at Wrigley Field – he was nice and warm with the wind blowing into the center. In total, there were five lucky catches in the game, three of them knocked out by Thompson.

But Stephen Brault, Michael Rooker, Mark Leiter Jr, and Brandon Hughes each had goalless appearances to take the Cubs’ final lead. What about Mark Leiter Jr. in particular? He hit the side early in his act, all swaying in his increasingly bad change. The dude wants to keep a big job for next year, and–apart from the pen–has been cool quietly this year.

Brandon Hughes got another save opportunity (likely because of the left), and achieved his second save in a row in a double play at the end of the game:

Offensively, the Cubs received blasts from Patrick Wisdom and Christopher Morrell, hit day three from Nick Madrigal, another hit from Franmel Reyes base, and eight on ten hits (despite the ugly K:BB day).

Fund total points.

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