Chemical attack in Ukraine. The Russians reached the banned weapon – o2

As Oleksii Dmitrashkovsky, a representative of the Ukrainian military, reported in July, the Russians are increasingly using chemical weapons in the Pakmuk sector. According to preliminary findings, Russian forces are using shells containing the material Leucite for artillery fire. It is a flammable gas.

Dmitrashkivskiy said there were victims of Russian chemical attacks. Symptoms of gas poisoning include nausea, vomiting and loss of consciousness.

Chemical weapons are banned at the front, but the Russians continue to use them. This information was provided by “Deep State UA”.

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Two cases of the use of chemical weapons against Ukrainian soldiers were reported in Bagmuk and Swatov divisions. According to the Deep State Analysis Program, the Russians often use chloropyrin. Earlier, Russian forces used this material near Avdivka – emphasizes

A weapon dangerous to health

Chemical weapons are a legacy of Russia from the Soviet Union. In their military doctrine, the Soviets provided for its use in both offensive and defensive operations.

Russia’s chemical arsenal is based on older generation weapons. Russia officially admits to having approximately 40,000. Tons of chemical weapons. This included 32.2 tonnes of flammable gases – sarin, soman and VX, and 7,700 tonnes of Lewisite, mustard gas and their mixtures.

Hazardous concentration for humans during exposure to Lewisite 0.12 mg/liter by inhalation, and 35 mg/kg by skin contact.

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