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Not even after two weeks BTS They announced that they took some time to focus on individual projects, Jung Kook He single-handedly set out to cooperate with him Charlie Puth For the delightful new single “Left and Right,” which hit first thing on Friday (June 24), was followed an hour later by a music video.


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Watch the latest videos, infographics and news

“Memories follow me left and right / I feel you here / I feel you here / Occupy every corner of my mind,” BTS The singer sings to the beat of poppies in the chorus of a two-and-a-half-minute track.

The duo also provided a color music video watching Puth and the youngest BTS members together and in solo shots, craving over a past relationship and seeking help from “The Love Doctor.” Last week, Puth vowed that he would give up Jung Kook collab on June 24th if he pre-saves 500,000 for the song – and ARMY apparently has arrived.

“Left and Right” is Puth’s third single of 2022, which led to his third solo album, titled Simply Charlieslated for release this year across Atlantic. The pop singer/songwriter released “Light Switch” in January, which has so far peaked at number 27 on Billboard Hot 100followed by “That’s Funny” in April.

BTS shocked fans again on June 14 by announcing that they would be taking a hiatus to work on individual projects, but Jungkook quickly clarified to ARMY’s concern that they were not breaking up. In a live video, Jungkook said to the viewers – according to a representative – that while the guys will already spend time focusing on their own projects, they will not stop working together as a team and will not break up.

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Watch the “Left and Right” video below:

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