Character models in Silent Hill 2 Remake are divisive among fans

It seems like every time Konami shows what’s coming next Silent Hill 2 remakeSomething doesn’t suit the fans. It all started with the game’s announcement when it was revealed Layers of fear And Average Development team Bloober Team will be responsible for reimagining the seminal survival horror title, which did not instill confidence in many fans. Now, after new footage debuted during a recent PlayStation showcase, Playing statusfans are upset again — this time, it’s about the character models, which may or may not ruin the original designs, depending on who you ask.

During the silent hill Submission, the short trailer that immediately followed the State of Play on May 30, Konami gave us a look at 13 minutes of gameplay in the remake. In it (and the State of Play promotional trailer), we see protagonist James and supporting characters Maria and Angela. Let’s start with James, he’s our leading man. Those who are fans of the redesign point out that it looks noticeably better than when it was first shown off during the remake’s reveal.

However, those in the opposing camp point out that James’s new design looks a bit familiar Leon Kennedy I feel fresh about him, right down to the swooping blonde haircut that looks a little different compared to the original game.

Then there’s Maria, a character James meets throughout the game who is known for her self-confidence and overt sexuality. Fans are criticizing her new outfit, which is definitely more demure (and less dressy, TBH.

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As people familiar with the original game have pointed out, Maria’s costume design is extremely important to her character as well as some of the game’s larger narrative beats. What’s disappointing is that Bloober doesn’t seem to have tried to recreate the outfit’s signature details in a modern way, losing the leopard print and gold jewelry in favor of a cute black dress and a jacket that appears to be the same pink. From the original outfit. As many have said, it does not serve in the new version and this seems like a bug. What’s even more confusing is that a short look at… Return to Silent Hilla film adaptation of the second game also in production, showed that Maria She will wear her original clothes.

But the biggest backlash is regarding the footage from Silent Hill 2 The remake centers around Angela, a 19-year-old girl who also meets James in Silent Hill while they both search for their missing loved ones. Some players suggest that she looks strange and strangely different, and that her face is missing something hard to place that was present in the original game. But the outcry is mostly focused on some screenshots that show Angela from an unflattering angle.

Of course, there is a minority of people who suggest that Angela was devastated by being awakened and forced DEI (or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the latest buzzword among reactionaries). It is a baseless claim They are all very common in games today and removes any opportunity for actual fans of the series to discuss the pros and cons of the remake.

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While the remake changes her design slightly with an updated face model, Angela appears to be the character receiving minimal rework. Her clothing and hairstyle remain noticeably unchanged unlike Maria and James. It looks good outside of the selected screenshots people are circulating online. However, some see a 19-year-old video game character’s minor changes as a major crime, all while making terrible insults while doing so.

The redesign looks good! I think Maria is the most disappointing due to the aforementioned costume change, but none of that is indicative of the gameplay. We’ll have to wait for that Silent Hill 2 The new editions will be released on October 8th so you can really see how the Bloober team’s vision holds up against the original.


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