Chaos at the airport in St. Petersburg. Over the city, “unknown object”, fighters chased

Corporation officials confirmed this information. “Bulkovo Airport is temporarily unable to accept or dispatch flights,” the statement said in the morning. Passenger registration for the departing flights is ongoing, some of which have a “Boarding Completed” status, Kommersant reported. No reason was given for the grounding of the flights. Approximate time. By 10am Polish time, reports emerged that the space above the airport had already been opened.

As we read on the portal, the REN TV channel, citing an anonymous source, reports that the airspace has been closed in a radius of 200 km over the Pulkovo airport. “There are military planes in the sky, searching for the intruder,” the TV channel reported.

According to data from the Flightradar 24 service, which monitors aircraft movements, there are no civilian aircraft in the skies over the city and Leningrad region. Flights from Moscow to St. Petersburg circled or turned around.

According to the Baza portal, the program “Carpet” was introduced in St. Petersburg, which was reported when crossing the border illegally, as well as the appearance of unidentified objects in the airspace.

The “Fontanka” newspaper reports that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation informed the employees of Pulkovo that an unidentified object was found 160-200 km from St. Petersburg. “This object appears to be a large drone,” reported Telegram channel “112”.

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