Changes to the menu at the Russian restaurant. They notify customers after sanctions have been imposed [ZDJĘCIE]

Cost of living, after being approved by many countries Russia Drastically increased. At one of the restaurants there, prices went up by up to 20 percent. In order not to print completely new menu cards, the restaurant decided to deal with this problem in an unusual way.

The restaurant was visited by AFP reporter Andrea Palaciano, who took a photo of the menu there and shared it on her Twitter profile on Monday, March 14th. Each page of the menu shows an info in the form of a small circle with the word “+ 20%”, meaning that the prices of ordered food and beverages should be increased by 20%. The original one.

A wave of humorous comments

“Currently, restaurants in Russia: + 20% will put stickers on the menu with the words. Quick solution to the problem.” The journalist wrote.

This photo has caused a great deal of controversy among Internet users. “It’s better than printing new menus, especially with the new stickers coming tomorrow.” Said one of them. “In a week they will start printing menus with prices in euros and dollars, and the sticker shows the current ruble exchange rate for euros.” Wrote another. “Was there 20% extra potatoes in the diet?” Read on in the next comment.

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