CBS New York’s Dana Tyler remembers Elise Finch

New York Our hearts are broken and we grieve The sudden death of our dear friend and colleague Elise Finch.

She passed away on Sunday at the age of 51.

Elise was an accomplished journalist and meteorologist and has shared her talents with you and us for 16 years here at CBS New York.

Elise He was a proud native of Mount Vernon, making her job and responsibilities cover the communities whose lives she shaped very special. Here at CBS New York, I fell in love and started a family.

Our hearts are with her husband, CBS New York cameraman Greg Henrick, their 6-year-old daughter, Gracie, and Elise’s parents, sister, and children, and we pay tribute to Elise’s proud life.

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She was a shining light, a meteorologist with a masters degree who knows her stuff and helped us understand it to stay safe. She was going to break the complex with refreshing honesty. She gave us expectations and was always ready with perspective.

Viewers show an outpouring of love and support after Elise Finch’s death

Elise was on the air this past Friday. Her death was so sudden and unexpected that it made us all try to understand how this could have happened to this vibrant woman, who was only 51 years old.

The multiple award winner was born in Mount Vernon and graduated from Mount Vernon High School. She received her Bachelor of Science from Georgetown University, where she received the prestigious “President’s Award”. She holds a Master of Science degree in broadcast journalism from Syracuse University.

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However, pink and green will be her primary color for the rest of her life. She writes for “Divine 9,” four African-American sororities and five fraternities that make up the Hellenic National Council.

Elise once said, “For some people, Greek black life is a family affair. It is the same for me. My mother, my sister, my niece, and I are all members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.”

She was committed to AKA’s dedication to family, academics, enduring fraternity, and community service.

The moments when Elise Finch made us laugh

Elise married her true love, Henrik, during the summer of 2013, in a glorious wedding ceremony in the Untermeyer Gardens. The two met while working at CBS New York. Their beautiful daughter Gracie sent her good wishes to her mom on her birthday.

“Merry Christmas. I hope you have a good, good, good day,” Gracie said that day.

During her 16 years at CBS New York, Elise has given us all the good days. Whether she was doing the weather or participating in our station’s nonprofit events, including the Sisters for the Cure event, there was that smile. She was our shining light.

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