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bat girl It won’t fly to HBO Max screens, but a select group of insiders will watch the movie during secret screenings on the set of Warner Bros. This week, according to multiple sources The Hollywood Reporter. It is said to be intended for the people who worked on the film, both the cast and crew, as well as the cast and executives.

One source described them as “funeral shows,” set up before the film was sent to an undisclosed other life, with footage locked in a vault, whether physical or digital.

On August 2 bat girl had become The most-circulated movie in the world when news broke that the new CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav, has chosen to cancel the $90 million DC movie in order to get a tax cut. (The newly merged company’s CEO seeks $3 billion in cost savings.)

bat girl It was deep in post-production when Warners canceled the project but it was still far from complete, with visual effects and grading. The film had previously run one test run, the only time members of the audience saw a cut.

One question revolves around bat girl is whether he can become next Justice League Zack Snyder, abandoned movie see the light later. But bat girl They differ for several reasons, sources indicate. Justice Squad It wasn’t a tax cut for the studio. It was released in theaters, and there was no legal reason why an alternate version was not on the way. If the studio is launched bat girl, would contravene the rules that allow Warner Bros. Discovery is claiming a tax cut.

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Furthermore, directors Adel El Araby and Bilal Falah Say They don’t personally have access to any screenshots, although sources say it’s possible for some players associated with the project to have screenshots on their personal drives. On the other hand, when Snyder left Justice Squad In the spring of 2017, he He left a lot of Warner with a laptop containing a rough four-hour clip of the film, which he later completed after a years-long campaign of fans demanding to see his version of the film.

Generally speaking, a studio will not receive a full tax rate immediately on a losing project, but rather will receive a certain percentage immediately and the rest over years. That’s because it’s unclear how much the project can gain (or lose) over its lifetime when it hits cable and other platforms.

Several sources have indicated that Warners may take a drastic move to actually destroy it bat girl Snapshots as a way to prove to the IRS that there will never be any revenue from the project, and therefore it should qualify for a full write-off immediately. Other sources dispute this idea, noting that there are other projects that still contain closed footage and will never see the light of day, such as the first HBO channel. Game of thrones sub pilot blood moonan hour of TV NEVER SEEN BY AUTHOR GEORGE R.R. MARTIN. There is also the possibility that, in the future, the Warners will be able to make the decision bat girl He deserves to be released from the government and pay its tax obligations.

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Leslie Grace starred as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl in the film, which was supposed to be one of several humble DC projects created directly for HBO Max as part of former WarnerMedia CEO Jason Keeler’s push for the streaming service’s juice. Zaslav, who took the helm at the combined company in April, reversed that strategy and pushed Warner back to focus on stage first.

While bat girl It got the most attention for Killing It, and it wasn’t the only movie that fell victim to Zaslav’s tax-cutting strategy.

Scoop! Holiday HuntAnother movie nearing completion was canceled on the same day bat girlquietly showed her own funeral on Warner Grounds last week.

Ashley Collins contributed to this story.

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