BULGARIA – Prosecutor General Ivan Keshev is assassinated after being targeted by terrorists.

Bulgaria’s Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev and his family were targeted in a terrorist attack, Deputy Prosecutor Borislav Sarabov said on Monday morning when the explosion occurred in front of a convoy of cars protecting Geshev. As a result of the explosion, a crater with a diameter of 3 m and a depth of 30-40 cm was formed. Fortunately no one was hurt.

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“Obviously,” Sarafov insisted at a press conference The bomb was intended to detonate, not to intimidate“.

At approximately 11.30 Bulgarian time (10.30 Polish time) on Monday Keshev was on his way. SofiaWhen the bomb went off at a sharp bend in the road. As a result of the explosion, a crater with a diameter of 3 m and a depth of 30-40 cm was formed.. According to witnesses of the event, as quoted by television portal bTV, The resulting column of fire reached a height of about 4 to 5 m.

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“I believe we will find the culprits. Government cannot accept such incidents. It is an attack on the state. This case applies not only to the Attorney General, but to all institutions,” Sarafow said, as quoted by bTV.

The deputy public prosecutor further informed that a criminal case has been initiated in connection with the act of terrorism and the matter is being taken very seriously. A search for detonators and fragments of explosives is currently underway. According to Sarafo’s knowledge, No one was killed or injured in the explosion.

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Prosecutor Keshev previously told the public that he was receiving threats.

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