Buffalo. At least 10 people were killed in the mass shooting

The Associated Press reports that at least 10 people were killed in a shooting Saturday in Buffalo, New York. According to local police, the accused was arrested. The act was defined as racially motivated by extreme violence.

This tragic incident took place in front of and inside the Tops Friendly Market. It is located in a district inhabited mainly by black people. It is located about 5 miles north of Buffalo city center.


Surveillance recorded that the attacker first fired at the occupants of the parking lot opposite the supermarket. In addition to the 10 people killed, 3 others were injured. Eleven of the victims were black and two were white, police said.

– He shot and killed four people in a supermarket parking lot. Three of them died and one survived, said Stephen Belongia, special agent for the FBI’s field office in Buffalo.

The alleged attacker has already been arrested. According to The Buffalo News, he was armed with a high-powered rifle, wore a bulletproof vest, and wore a military helmet over his head. “The suspect put a gun to his neck and two buffalo cops forced him to discard it. He then took off some of his security gear and left,” CNN law enforcement agencies were quoted as saying.

Ten people were killed in a shooting Saturday at a supermarket in BuffaloReuters

Beyton Gentron, an 18-year-old white man who lives 320km from Buffalo Conclin in New York, was convicted, authorities said. He broadcast the course of the event on the internet using a camera mounted on his helmet.

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Belongia announced at a press conference that the shooting was being investigated for heinous crimes. The act was defined as racially motivated by extreme violence.

“Bad dream”

– Like it Entering a horror movie but everything is real. Armageddon, a police officer at the scene said.

– This is the worst nightmare any community can face, we as a community suffer. Buffalo Mayor Byrne Brown said the depth of the pain families and we all experience is indescribable.

Erie County Attorney John J. Flynn said the attacker will be arraigned Saturday night on first-degree murder charges.

White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre says President Joe Biden continues to receive information about the shootings and the investigation, and prays with the First Lady for the victims and their loved ones.

– His Homeland Security adviser informed the President about the horrific shooting in Buffalo this afternoon. He said he will receive updated information throughout the evening and tomorrow because more will be available.

New York Governor Kathy Hochzul has tweeted that she is watching the shooting at a grocery store in her hometown of Buffalo. As he promised, state officials offered to help local authorities.

One year after the March 2021 attack on King Super’s grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, buffalo shootings killed 10 people.

Main photo source: EPA / Brandon Watson

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