Brutal rape in France. The victim was a 12-year-old boy

Israeli portal “Times of Israel” describes the shocking incident from Paris. As we read, three 13-14-year-old boys attacked a 12-year-old girl. The criminals had it She was taken to an abandoned hangar and then beaten and raped. The accused threatened the girl that they would kill her if she told the truth about them. Because they had to make fun of her for religious reasons The 12-year-old boy is of Jewish descent.

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The incident happened On the outskirts of Paris. French media reported on Tuesday (June 18) evening. The family of the injured girl lodged a complaint with the police. A gynecological examination confirmed the crime.

Rape in France. The suspects include the 12-year-old boy’s boyfriend

The scary thing is Why did teenagers attack a 12-year-old girl? According to the Times of Israel, Suspects include the victim’s ex-boyfriend. His testimony shows that The girl hid information about her origin from him. This led him to commit this heinous act along with his friends.

It is not yet known whether he participated in the rape of the 12-year-old girl or ordered his friends to hurt his ex-girlfriend. All three pleaded guilty to the charges against them. They are currently in custody.

A detail in “Le Parisien” draws attention. As we read, anti-Semitic content was found on the phone of one of the suspects. They also include a video of a burning Israeli flag.

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