Brussels. NATO Summit. Emmanuel Macron on the provision of defense weapons to Ukraine and the food crisis

At a press conference following the NATO summit in Brussels on Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron said he would provide Ukraine with defensive weapons, but “not planes or tanks.” As he puts it, the supply of this equipment is “a limit that should not be exceeded so as not to become a participant in the war”. “We are facing a food crisis,” Macron said. Thursday marks the 29th day of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

Emmanuel Macron described the deployment of French troops in NATO in Eastern Europe and spoke about maintaining and strengthening the French military presence in the region in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The French president also warned against a sharp rise in prices and high inflation in the next 12-18 months. Report: Russia’s attack on Ukraine

President of France on the threat of food crisis

“We are facing a food crisis,” Macron said.

He proposed the creation of a food solidarity plan at the EU level and in collaboration with the African Union. He argued for the idea of ​​freeing up stocks from certain countries, predicting a production deficit this summer, and increasing production in countries where this is possible.

Attack on the “world’s granary”. We will pay more for food

Russia’s invasion will have a “big impact” on world food supplies

Meaning “way of conversation”

“The leaders of the G7 countries also agreed to improve the integration of sanctions against Russia,” the French president said, adding that “sanctions are in effect.” When asked about French companies in the Russian market, he promised to “act like France”.

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Emmanuel Macron Stephanie LeGock / BAP / EPA

Vladimir Putin spoke directly with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and, in response to questions about his frequent phone calls to the Russian president, Macron said talks would not lead to a compromise “in the next few hours or days.” At the same time, he recalled the importance of “this way of talking”. Once an agreement is reached, define its outline very quickly.

Macron also said that NATO should not communicate with China. – The West has common and contradictory points in relations with this country, but this country is a topic for negotiation in a different form – he stressed. When asked about China’s position on the Russian occupation of Ukraine, Macron said President Xi Jinping “shares the concerns and denials of war.”

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Main photo source: Stephanie LeGock / BAP / EPA

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