Brody King wins a provisional AEW title match against Jon Moxley

Tonight’s episode (July 1) of AEW frenzy The 20-man Battle Royal featured across two different episodes. The match winner takes on the title against interim AEW World Champion Jon Moxley next week (July 6) in dynamite.

Each episode started with two men, and new wrestlers joined the match soon after. Wrestlers are assigned to specific episodes. Hangman Page and Darby Allin were big stars in their respective episodes early on. The Page Ring quickly filled up with Taz members Ricky Starks and Power House Hobbs. This was RUSH’s first match in AEW, and he was also in the Hangman episode. His problems with Penta Oscuro continued here, and eventually caused each other to be wiped out.

Meanwhile, duoes from The Butcher and The Blade dominated Darby’s ring. They worked together to eliminate wrestlers such as Kazarian, Takeshita, and Matt Hardy (who also happened to be the only wrestler whose entry happened during a commercial break).

Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland are assigned to different episodes in this match. They had a tense moment staring across the ring at each other. Meanwhile, Swerve continued his transformation towards being a heel when he threw Orange Cassidy outside the ring.

Brody King came in 19th place. He was the new guy and was able to win his ring by knocking Hangman Page out of the apron while attempting Buckshot Lariat. Then Darby Allen won his ring by eliminating the butcher and the blade.

That let Brody and Darby go for it, and it didn’t go well for a weary Aline. Brody strangled him until he lost consciousness and dropped his body on the ground beneath him to win.

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Just like that, Brody King is the first man to challenge AEW Interim World Champion Jon Moxley. The title match will be held next week (July 6) in dynamitewhich happens to be in Rochester, New York, the hometown of the late Brody Lee.

Catch up on all results from frenzy truly over here.

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