British raises alarm about planes over Poland. “Very Dangerous”

According to The Sun, thousands of British holiday flights have been affected by Russian signal jamming. Aviation sources described the tactics as “extremely dangerous” and “war in the air”. Electronic attacks render satellite navigation uselessSo airplanes have difficulty communicating their location to others.

There are also disturbances in the Polish region. In eight months until the end of March near the Baltic Sea 2,309 Ryanair flights And 1,368 Vis Air flight Recorded problems with satellite navigation.

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“The Sun” journalists and researchers examined public flight records. The biggest bottlenecks were found in the Baltic Sea, Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean.

Aircraft send automatic, biased tracking transmissions. These signals include an evaluation of the performance of the satellite navigation system. Poor performance indicates congestion or cheating.

Last month, the number of suspected satnav attacks was 350 per week. That's up from about 50 attacks a week last year.

In March, Russia jammed the GPS signal on a plane carrying British Defense Secretary Grant Shabbs to Poland.. According to British media, the plane was flying close to the Russian perimeter when the GPS signal was interrupted for about 30 minutes.

As a result, pilots were forced to use alternative methods to determine the aircraft's location. Same thing happened on the way back.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency warned in January “A sharp increase in jamming and spoofing attacks,” but did not say who was behind them.

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