British Intelligence: Russia Transfers MIG-31K Interceptors to Belarus | World news

“Photographs taken on October 17 show two Airplanes MiG-31K interceptors are stationed at the Belarusian airport in Machuliszcze.

Next to them is a large hangar. There is also a protective earth dam nearby. In all probability, this hall is related to the “Kindos” air-launched ballistic missile. These are the larger munitions that the MiG-31K model can carry

– We read in the announcement.

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British intelligence: Russia sends MIG-31K interceptors to Belarus

British services recall it Russia It has used these missiles sporadically during the Ukrainian war, and their supply is very limited.

Attackers continue to use their advanced long-range munitions against targets of limited operational importance. “Kindżał” has a range of more than 2,000 kilometers. Placing it on Belarusian territory gives Russia a slight advantage in attacking additional targets in Ukraine.

– Judging the British. According to them, the deployment of these weapons is a signal to the West that Belarus is engaged in hostilities and complicity.

War in Ukraine. Explosions in Poltava

Tuesday marks the 251st day of Russia’s all-out war against Ukraine. In the southern part of the front, the invaders are preparing to defend themselves. There and in other directions they are shelling Ukrainian army positions. Today they use drones to shoot down civilian objects. Russian troops are moving into Belarus, but Ukraine is not currently at risk of another incursion from there, experts say.

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follows from morning Ukrainian public servants report that in the village of Kachovka in the Kherson region on the right bank, the Russians are forcibly evicting people from buildings on the Dnieper, and they are building fortifications and minefields around them. On the other hand, the Russians are moving their forces to the northern part of Ukraine, on the territory of Belarus. Ukraine is preparing for threats from that direction, but, according to Yevhenia Silkin, an adviser to the commander of the Ukrainian army, the Russians do not have enough forces to attack there now. As he pointed out, currently about 4,000 soldiers have been transferred to Belarus. If this figure reaches 50-70 thousand soldiers, as he insists, it can be said that they are ready for the next strike.

At night, the Russians launched a drone attack on Poltava in central and eastern Ukraine. The Russians are also shooting at civilians on the front lines. Last day, three civilians were killed in the Donetsk region.

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