Brian Harsin’s replacement in Auburn? Kevin Lane, Hugh Freeze names to watch

As had long been expected, Brian Harsin didn’t make his sophomore year at Auburn. The Former Boise State coach, Tigers fired Which was simply never decent and did not have the support of almost anyone interested. Moreover, largely because of these two things, hiring in Auburn He was in a terrible state. The good news: Auburn has some interesting options and will attract some great coaches. After all, Jean Chesick won a national title there, and his successor, Gus Malzan, took the Tigers to another brink.

Lynn Kevin, Ole Miss Head Coach

The biggest name to watch is working at SEC West now. He’s the head coach of Ole Miss’ Lane Kiffin, the 18-4-year-old former OC of Nick Saban with the rebels The last two seasons and 10-3 in the SEC. His team is number 11 in the country. He is one of the best attacking minds in college football. He’s also proven to be adept at managing social media and knows how to create a buzz like the one that gave the rebels so much impetus. When Kevin left Tuscaloosa, there were many doubts he could be trusted to run his own show, but his appointment turned out to be a very wise gamble for him. Florida Atlanticwho went 26-13 in his three seasons. The word is that Kevin was interested in this job two years ago when Harsin got it. Among the top three names in the game, he may feel that he is the safest and most attractive option for Tiger power brokers.

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Hugh Freeze, freedom Coach

Hugh Freeze, the former head coach of Ole Miss, left the Securities and Exchange Commission amid scandal, but no one doubts how sharp his humiliating mind is, he knows how to enlist in the SEC. Freeze led the Rebels to the top ten and defeated Nick Saban Alabama team twice. He reappeared at Liberty and is 33-12 overall. There has been grumbling about SEC President Greg Sankey against appointing one of his programs to Freeze as head coach. Freeze is still a very polarizing figure, but if Auburn hires him, he’ll have the Tigers again in the top 20 before long.

Dion Sanders, Jackson State coach

The biggest wild card in this quest is also a head coach in the Deep South, but he runs FCS: Deion Sanders of Jackson State.

The 55-year-old is 19-2 in the past two seasons and was honored with the Eddie Robinson award as FCS Head Coach of the Season in 2021. He’s upgraded that roster dramatically and has got big-name recruits who might never have thought of going to a state Jackson. Last December, Sanders launched a massive recruiting coup by beating everyone, including his university, for Travis Hunter, the nation’s No. 1 recruit. There is no doubt that Sanders will be a formidable recruiting force. No one has a presence like him. The man is Saban’s co-star in all of Aflac’s commercials and was dragged into that NIL dust between Alabama head coach and Jimbo Fisher. Sanders was the only one of the three who might have walked out of it looking not bad or having to apologize. We’ve heard mixed reactions about whether the Auburn brass would be comfortable taking on Sanders. The feeling here is that tigers would be foolish not to give him serious consideration as to whether he looked a good fit.

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Matt Rowley, former Carolina Panthers coach

Matt Rowley, the former Carolina Panthers coach, is expected to get attention. struggle in NFL But he did a very good job at Temple and did a great job of repairing Baylor. in Temple album He went from 2-10 to 20-7 in his last two seasons. Subsequently, Oregon turned down a job for Baylor and made a team a one-game winning streak 11-3 after two seasons. He is a proven expert in evaluation and development. The downside: The Pennsylvania native has never worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission, and after the way Harsin fumbled in Auburn, it’s probably going to be tough for people to get past.

Mark Stubbs, Kentucky coach

Kentucky coach Mark Stubbs knows how to win at the Securities and Exchange Commission. In the previous four seasons, he’s had 10 wins, and in Kentucky, that’s an impressive feat. The wild cats He has had only one season of 10 wins in the last 65 years. Kentucky so far is 5-3, which was a bit disappointing given how much it raised expectations about the program. Will he leave Lexington for another job at the Securities and Exchange Commission even though it’s a job where the last coaches before Harsin had won a national title or played for one? It can be hard to refuse, but it is comfortable enough in the UK where that may be the case.

Dan Lanning, Oregon Head Coach

Dan Lanning of Oregon, 36, knows the Securities and Exchange Commission well from his time on staff in Alabama and Georgia. It was a very good first season in Oregon, going 7-1. One year, which isn’t even an entire season, isn’t much experience for a job like this. Maybe it’s too early for Auburn to make that kind of move.

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(Photo by Lynn Kevin: Justin Ford/Getty Images)

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