Bobbi Storm has been criticized for singing on a plane after being nominated for a Grammy

Gospel singer Bobbi Storm is facing backlash for performing on a plane after she found out she was “set to win two Grammys.”

In the storm video It was posted on Instagram on FridayShe stood up during a Delta flight to sing. “I sing to the Lord,” she declared. “I do what the Lord tells me.”

One flight attendant repeatedly told Storm to sit down and “quiet” during the flight. He told her, “If you can’t follow my instructions, you won’t be able to take this flight.”

Storm eventually sat down but proceeded to sing her new song “We Can’t Forget Him” ​​in a low voice.

USA TODAY has reached out to Delta Airlines for comment.

The gospel singer is a featured vocalist on Maverick City Music’s Grammy Award-nominated album “The Maverick Way.”

The group was also nominated for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song for their song “God Problems” with lead singers Chandler Moore and Naomi Reign. Storm is not included in the credits for this song, but it is possible that she contributed as part of the chorus.

Storm announced in the comments section that she “sang on over 50 flights. There were no rules broken here.”

The Christian singer faced backlash from people who called her “entitled” and others who said the performance was “arrogant.”

One person commented, “I’m a Christian and I want to fly.” “A plane is not a stage…God tells us to do things in order and order…Congratulations on the Grammy nomination, but God is a God of order!”

Another commented: “This is one of the most arrogant things I’ve ever seen. Do you think because you’re nominated for a Grammy that the rules don’t apply to you and the plane is your stage? Work on that ego sis.”

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“Imagine the entitlement of thinking that you are the only person who has something that can bless people and happens to be on a plane where they have no choice but to hear you because they can’t go anywhere?!? This is huge out of pocket bullshit,” one social media user wrote. my sister! “You held these people hostage and used God’s name in a manipulative way.”

in Follow-up video Posting on Saturday, Storm claimed Delta reached out to her, apologized and assured her that “no rules were broken.”

She added that she did not want the flight attendant to be fired, but she wanted him to “learn a valuable lesson about how to treat others.”

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