Blood is flowing in Ukraine, but at least Angela Merkel is sleeping in the dream of the righteous.

If anyone thinks that Angela Merkel can slap her chest and admit many mistakes in her policy towards Russia, Ukraine and Central and Eastern Europe, she may feel disappointed. Ukraine’s drama, the ‘dialogue’ between Berlin and Moscow, has been promoting it for many years, contributing to the reaction of some political class in our Western neighbors and gradually influencing the decisions of their authorities. However, Germany must break with the Kremlin more aggressively than before and take into account the interests of our part of Europe.

Putin compared himself to the Tsar. Russia’s goal is to “reclaim” the territories

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia’s goal is to “regain” territory. He compared himself to Jor Peter the Great. According to him …

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The former German president has been cited several times in the comments of experts and politicians. After Russia invaded Ukraine.

However, Angela Merkel decided not to try to explain how it was possible to strengthen economic and political ties with Germany during her reign, with which they co-created North Stream 2, which they all provided. Admittedly, a heavy partner, but a partner, is not a threat – it has suddenly turned into a neo-fascist dictatorship whose leader threatens the world with nuclear disarmament and its soldiers commit unimaginable crimes against the “brotherly” Ukrainian nation.

How is that possible Madam Chancellor? After all, over the years, you have failed to control the enormous profits that Putin’s regime has made from the supply of energy to Europe, and you want to give him the opportunity to make more money.

You also thwarted the European aspirations of countries like Georgia and Ukraine –
Thus pursuing the goals of the Kremlin.

Petrovich: Ukrainians are engaged in heavy fighting in the Donbass. After the German gunfire, there was no seed, no hearing

Germany again pledges to Ukraine to provide modern weapons that can greatly support its forces in the war with Russia. Not the first time …

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The appeals failed

How many times have the representatives of Poland, Ukraine or the Baltic states appealed to the authorities in Berlin to sever ties with the Kremlin, which is dangerous for the whole continent? How many times have they warned that the Kremlin will use NS2 politically?

It was during Merkel’s rule that Putin invaded Georgia, provoked the conflict in Donbass, continued for many years, annexed Crimea, and his soldiers tore through Syria – specializing in airstrikes on hospitals, schools and civilian buildings.

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In addition, there were daily misinformation, hacker attacks, wiretaps, attempts to assassinate former agents outside Russia, the persecution of the opposition and all circles beyond the influence of the Kremlin campaign.

However, Merkel is not worried. Or maybe it’s a distraction, but it can not become the leader of the West opposing the criminal regime. instead of this She showered him with money and closed his eyes to see that he was breaking all the rules. Civil, human and international.

Scholes and Macron fear Russia’s defeat. They believe Putin will take “his” in Ukraine

Germany has not sent almost any weapons to Ukraine for more than two months, and its president is playing against time. As the Ukrainians engaged in fierce fighting …

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This is how the “conversation” with the Kremlin ends

The policy of “dialogue” with Moscow – the payment to the Mafia – turned out to be a complete failure. Today everyone is talking about this, including some German circles, attacking their breasts and admitting they did something wrong. Agrees even with Poland and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe that are correct – especially to take their numbers into account.

Six months after losing the parliamentary election to Olaf Scholz from the SPD, Angela Merkel has decided to step down. And – interestingly – when asked if German politics could be treated differently to prevent the outbreak of war, she said she “did not blame herself” for it. “We have failed to create a security framework that can prevent this situation,” he added.

He closed his eyes and closed his ears

What is this “security architecture” in the context of Russia? Perhaps even bigger bribery and sucking it at the expense of our region and, in general, the entire European defense.

If Germany thought it could “civilize” Putin through economic relations, it would be very wrong. Berlin not only closed its eyes but also closed its ears as the Russian dictator handled history. First, World War II spit on Poland, praising Stalin and the Soviet Union and accusing them of collaborating with Hitler.

Criticizes Duda Scholz and Macron. German Press: He hit the jackpot

A recent interview with President Andrzej Duda for the “Built” daily has been widely discussed by other German media outlets. Polish leader criticizes …

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Putin has long spread a bad-sounding chauvinist, revisionist, anti-Western ideology that will eventually take the form of a “Ruthenian miracle”.“, Referring to the efforts of the rulers sitting in Moscow to collect all the” Ruthenian “lands that the Russians could understand.

Now Putin compares himself to Peter the Great – who celebrated his 350th birthday on Thursday – and acknowledges that Russia’s goal is to “reclaim” territory “on its own.”

When the conscience is asleep … the cause is asleep

Not all Germans noticed this. Thanks to Russian gas they will become an energy hub, not only improving the results of their economy, but also strengthening their position in Europe, their interests and dreams are important.

Expert: Germany does not ship pledged weapons to Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholes will pursue the policy of his predecessor Angela Merkel and Germany will not send the promised weapons to Ukraine –…

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Now Angela Merkel – when asked about the war in Ukraine – answers that I ask myself if this tragedy can be prevented.

But in five weeks in the Baltic Sea, she admitted, she read a lot and opened herself up to the world of audiobooks. Shakespeare’s works – she failed to read or listen to anyone who found the answer to this question.

Source standards

There have been many interesting analyzes like this – but most of them are very harsh against Merkel and Germany – which means that the former president who wants to escape politics does not want to examine them.

Apparently, she wants to live in ignorance or pretend to be surprised or amazed.

Surprise and surprise to whom? Putina? Honestly?

Merkel, of course, insists that she is not “innocent” in these relationships. Today she is not “naive” when she says it is in Germany’s interest to find a way to live with Russia. However, it did not go one step further and did not explain how to achieve this in the current context, when there was no indication that the Kremlin wanted to deviate from its criminal policy.

It is a pity that Russia has not asked her how to end this war, or if she wants to – as Olaf Scholes declared – Russia has not won it, or any other way. Poland – Ukraine must win.

Does Merkel understand today that with the military defeat in Ukraine, only the total collapse of the Russian government will bring about change?

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There is a special agent with Putin. The media reveals what is in the suitcase

Vladimir Putin accompanies the “special” agent of the Federal Security Service on his foreign trips, he is responsible for collecting feces …

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For now, he only declares that he will not be a mediator in this conflict, because, as he rightly points out, it will not be useful at this time because “there is not much to discuss”.

Disappointment Ukraine

Angela Merkel’s first interview in six months has disappointed Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk, who said it was unfortunate that there was not even the slightest bit of self – criticism. In his opinion, “the former president’s statements about the wrongdoing of its attitude towards Russia and the very lax behavior of dictator Putin are worrying.”

– Without an honest, comprehensive assessment of Germany’s policy on Russia, it is not possible to make the right decisions about future relations with Moscow and stop its aggression – Andrij Melnyk stressed.

They make (partial) decisions

However, unlike Angela Merkel, Germany made no decision on Berlin’s current policy toward Moscow and Central and Eastern Europe. After the invasion, there were many voices heard among the party leaders, not to mention the most influential media or experts, who acknowledged that many mistakes had been made and that our area was right in this matter.

Although the actions of the Olaf Scholz government on Russia are still disappointing, we need to put more pressure on our Western neighbors to support Ukraine with greater commitment. Angela Merkel may declare she has no complaints, but If she’s heard this during Shakespeare’s vacation, let it be a warning to her – and to others who want to continue the “conversation” with Moscow or who are afraid to “insult” her. – The following quote from Macbeth.

“I thought I heard

A voice cries: “You will never sleep again!

Macbeth kills sleep, an innocent dream (…) “

Peter Petrovich

The author is a journalist of Polish radio

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