Blizzard wants you to help it slam the Diablo IV servers in its second beta test

The nephalem will have a chance to re-enter Sanctuary for Diablo IV’s second and final exam.

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Can’t wait to kill more demons and loot the awesome loot? Or maybe just blast enemies with Necro’s special ops skills? We are there with you. Fortunately, Blizzard has announced a Diablo IV server slam event from May 12-14, which will provide access to both console and PC players over a 3-day period. The event is free and does not require players to pre-order Diablo IV.

Not all progress from previous closed and open beta exams will be carried over. The slam server wipes and cleans the registry and you start from scratch, but you get access to all five categories. There is an added bonus that neither Xbox LIVE nor PlayStation Plus is required to play Slam Server on consoles.

From May 12, 12 noon to May 14, 12 noon PT, everyone can come to Sanctuary Defense on Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 – along with Together with couch co-op for consoles, cross-play and cross-progression for all platforms – against the armies of Burning Hells to help us test the durability of our servers,” Blizzard said in the ad.

Players can download the slam server build starting May 10th, and if you already have the beta installed, you’ll only get an update for that particular build.

Check below for more information on the rewards you can get from playing a server slam event:

Server Slam offers another chance to earn rewards like the much-loved Beta Wolf Pack cosmetics, as well as the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy**. Earn all 4 rewards during Server Slam, and get them once Diablo IV launches:

  1. Initial Victim Title: Earned by reaching Quevashad with 1 character.
  2. Early Voyager Title: Earned by reaching level 20 on 1 character.
  3. Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic item: Earned by reaching level 20 on 1 character.
  4. NEW Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy**: Obtained by defeating Ashava with 1 level 20 character.

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