Blink-182 plays Coachella stage during reunion performance – Rolling Stone

Blink-182 performed at Coachella with Tom DeLonge for the first time in nine years, eliciting nostalgia as they blasted through an electric, testosterone-fueled set to the massive crowd that packed the stage area.

Opening with “Family Reunion,” the band carried nonstop furious riffs from “All the Small Things” to “I miss You” to “Feeling This” to “What Age My Again?” They also played “Dysentery Gary” with a long quip that he gave himself a “C+” for his performance. In between, they cracked the jokes going on sophomore — but got creative, mixing TLC’s “No Scrubs” with “Dammit” at one point.

Blink-182 recently postponed the Latin American leg of their reunion tour due to Parker receiving emergency surgery after smashing a finger during rehearsal. Tell Rolling Stone He recovers quickly. They’re getting back on stage earlier than fans expected; The collection was announced as part of this year’s Coachella lineup just days before playing in the desert.


DeLonge originally exited Blink-182 in 2015, hoping to devote his time to his company to the Stars… Academy of Arts & Sciences, which investigates UFOs. Parker and Hoppus continued to work with the group and recruited Matt Skiba of the Alkaline Trio to complete the group. With Skiba, Blink has released two albums.

In 2021, Hoppus announces that he has been diagnosed with cancer. Around this time, he and Parker began meeting with DeLonge to rekindle their friendship. Within the next year, Hoppus was declared cancer-free, and DeLonge officially joined the band. They released the song “Edging” and are working on a new album.

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