Bill Clinton spoke about the Polish election. Three US presidents in an interview

President Joe Biden and two former presidents — Barack Obama and Bill Clinton — co-host the “Smartless” podcast. During the conversation, Clinton mentioned the past parliamentary elections in Poland.

Much of the conversation with Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton on the “Smartless” podcast was about the domestic situation in the United States ahead of this year's presidential election, but the presidents also touched on other topics.

– I go to various conferences and almost every time, like G7 or G20, the leaders of different countries tell me: you have to win because our democracy depends on it – said Joe Biden.

Clinton in the polls in Poland

Bill Clinton recalls his recent trip to Europe. – I was in Prague, where we celebrated the anniversary of the decision to expand NATO to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland – said Clinton, who was then US President.

“They know what it's like to live without democracy, what it's like not to be free,” he asserted. – and they strongly support President Biden's support for Ukraine. They believe we did the right thing by expanding NATO. They know what happened in Ukraine is Russia's fault, not ours, the former president said.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton Brendan Smialowski/AFP/East News

He recalled meetings in the Czech capital. – It was amazing. They came to me and said: “Please tell me, we're not going to do this again, America's not going to run away from the world again. We need you,” he said.

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He also mentioned about the last parliamentary elections in Poland. – Poland, a very conservative country, voted overwhelmingly to throw out the old party, as they believed it was culturally and religiously too close to the Russians. Clinton said they elected the government you dealt with when Hillary (Clinton – Ed.) was secretary of state because it supported an independent Ukraine.

Obama: Trump's four years as president emboldened people like Putin

Barack Obama acknowledged that America “doesn't always live up to its assumptions” and that “there are problems”, but America has always “set the tone for the rest of the world”.

– Four years before Joe became president, people around the world felt that no one was promoting or dealing with the values ​​of human rights, freedom and democracy. People like Putin felt emboldened, Obama said.

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Main photo source: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/East News

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