Bianca Sensori risks prison after exposing her genitals in Paris with West

Kanye West's wife, Bianca Sensori, often finds herself in the spotlight due to her bold fashion choices. The 29-year-old model, who works with his brand Yeezy, has an established reputation for pushing boundaries with her fashions, sometimes sparking controversy and scrutiny. At recent Paris Fashion Week, the couple once again attracted attention with their bold fashion statements. However, unlike in the United States, Sensory's choices likely violate French etiquette laws.

Bianca Sensori and Kanye West at Milan Fashion Week (Photo: Via X)

Bianca Sensori's flashing genitals in Paris could land her behind bars

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On February 27, against the backdrop of the cobblestone streets of Paris, the young model appeared strikingly. The young model wore transparent leggings without underwear and a transparent blue crop top, attracting attention. To add a touch of glamor, she wore a fur coat and matching shoes. While many expected her to wear a designer piece or statement outfit in the fashion capital, she chose to forge her own path. However, the suit Sensori wore in France exceeded typical exposure levels, potentially violating the country's laws regarding indecent exposure.

French Code of Etiquette

Article 222-32 of the French Penal Code, issued in March 1994, states: “Intentional sexual exhibition in full view of others in a place open to the eyes of the public shall be punished by imprisonment for one year and a fine of one hundred thousand francs.” Moreover, the law also states that “the charge is formulated in such a way as to exclude any possibility of taking action against persons engaging in nature in places designated for this purpose.”

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The couple were fined £10,000 in 2023 for walking around “semi-naked” in public in Italy before this incident. The Italian Constitutional Court gave them the option of paying the fine or going to prison for breaking the law.

The designers behind Bianca Sensori clothes

Sources close to Kanye West's fashion projects have revealed that West has a dedicated design team based in Italy that designs clothes for him, and in this specific case, Sensori. Furthermore, West partnered with Mwalula Ogunlesi, a Nigerian-born designer based in London, to design the Yeezy Gap collection. According to Page Six, Ogunlesi said, “She (Bianca) has a lot of say in what she wants to wear. Everything Bianca wears is really from her and from Yee's mind. They want to show people that you can do it yourself. It's the things that are obtainable — Long socks. With pantyhose, you cut and sew them – if that doesn't work, you can wear another pair.”

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