Bethenny Frankel is pulling a ‘crazy’ Prince Harry for outrunning him in the book

Bethenny Frankel is ‘dying’ over all the ‘crazy’ details Prince Harry has relayed about his royal family feud in his new memoir,”additional.

“How much more do you want? Shall we go with Megan?” [Markle] To get a Pap smear? I mean, what next? Frankel joyfully Request in a new video She posted it on Instagram on Friday. “Honestly, I feel like I’m going to have a rectal exam with Harry and William.”

She continued, “We get it. We get it. I mean, what else are we going to do? Like, the Colonials with the Royals?”

“We understand that went down. It’s family stuff, like it’s going to be crazy. I mean, it’s so funny.”

The Skinny Girl founder, 52, suggested Harry, 38, change the name of his book to “Dirty Harry Laundry” before realizing a better name would be “Mention It All,” a reference to Her infamous line from “RHONY”.

Bethenny Frankel hilariously checked out Prince Harry’s new book “Spear.”

Bethenny Frankel in an Instagram video.

Bethenny Frankel hilariously checked out Prince Harry’s new book “Spear.”


“I remember everything! My God. Harry had to name his book Name It All. Mentionsed. He. She. everybody. “I’m dying,” she said.

The former Bravo star also joked that Harry should keep spilling family secrets because she’s enjoying all the drama.

“Now I’m really leaning in. Say more so I can say more,” she said. “Like, I was saying stop. I’m wrong. I let it go. I want to hear what happens next.”

She continued, “I will not buy [his book] or read it. I will not pay the money. We gave him a few hundred million in cash and prizes, but no, it’s not enough. It’s not enough.”

Commenting on her post, Frankel called Harry’s book a “Saturday Night Live” comic stuff.

Prince Harry.  He walks outside with his hands in his pockets.
Frankel joked that Harry should change the title of his book to I Remember It All.

“So eat popcorn.” I wrote. “I will say on record that I lost hundreds of thousands of trades for saying ‘Cry to Me River’ many years ago. I think I’m twice as low.”

Frankel was Some have called him “racist”. After she constantly attacked Markle, 41, and Harry After Megxit. But she defended herself, saying that their absurdity still exists.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walking together.

Frankel said the Sussexes only gave the royals “good PR”.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sitting together,

Frankel said the Sussexes only gave the royals “good PR”.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walking outside holding hands.

Frankel said the Sussexes only gave the royals “good PR”.


“Racism exists in the world and probably in the monarchy. Apparently these two people didn’t like it two years before their exile. We get it. Many of us believe some of it. I asked and I answered.” “The media won’t stop there so now I find it comical. I’m open to interpretation but it gives kids who want attention and need to be picked up every time they cry and we might prefer Ferber’s method for these two.”

She joked that the Sussexes had only given the royal family “good PR” and that if they had plotted to bring down the monarchy it would “counterproductive”.

Prince Harry book "additional."
The Duke of Sussex aired much of his family’s dirty laundry in his diary.

“Many people have given them the benefit of the doubt… There is selling past the point of yes. I think the question is, in life and especially in family matters, does everything have to be said?” she wrote. “The good news is everyone wins. Harry and Meghan have smashed and clinched, and the Royal Family’s approval ratings have gone up. If that’s more important than family, go with God.”

Harry pulled out several members of his family in his book — which was leaked to the public on Thursday — including His father is King Charles IIIAnd the His brother, Prince WilliamAnd the Wife of the Prince of Wales, Kate Middleton.

additionalIt will be officially released on Tuesday, January 10th.

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