Belgium: Women banned from zoo Because of relationship with chimpanzee

matter Ft Timmermans And Chimpanzee Chita 2021 was the headline of international newspapers.

Back then it was a zoo in Antwerp (Belgium) The woman was forbidden to see her favorite monkey. Eddie Timmermans, 53 She can continue to enjoy the beauty of the zooHowever, contact with Chimpanzee Chita should be kept to a minimum. Why?

According to the zoo Groups of monkeys are characterized by a strict hierarchy. A herd member with too many interactions with people runs the risk of aggression from other individuals, which disturbs the dynamics of the entire herd.

However, the translations are nothing. The 53-year-old has become a regular visitor to Antwerp. The woman was there to walk beyond the cage with Chita the chimpanzee every week. – This animal loves me, I love it. That’s all in my life. Why are they taking it away from me? Timmermans asked in an interview with VRT TV.

The relationship between the woman and the chimpanzee has become very “unhealthy”. It was placed against the wall. The message is simple: Adi Timmermans will start complying with the regulations or serious measures will be taken.

It didn’t work. – We asked a woman to stay away several times – zoo management. – We wrote to the woman His season ticket will not be renewed and will not be allowed into the zoo In Antwerp – added.

As emphasized, “This decision was taken in the overall interest and welfare of chimpanzees. Adi Timmermans’ relationship with Chitta caused friction in the herd“.


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