Belgium. He faked his death. He went to his funeral by helicopter

A Belgian man faked his own death and flew to his funeral in a helicopter. The 45-year-old says she wants to teach her family a “life lesson” after discovering she really cares about herself.

David Burden, who lives in Belgium, lost all contact with his distant relatives some time ago. For this reason, the 45-year-old decided to perform an unusual “joke” for his family and faked his own death.

In a helicopter to my own funeral

The man told his wife and children about his plan, and he informed relatives of the 45-year-old’s death. To prove the whole story, one of the man’s daughters posted a sad and sad post on social media about her father’s death.

“Rest in peace Dad. Why is life so unfair? Why you? You got to be a grandpa, you had your whole life ahead of you. We love you! We will never forget you,” he wrote.

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The man’s funeral was due to take place over the weekend in the eastern Belgian city of Liege. However, before the ceremony began, mourners spotted a helicopter in the sky, which then landed in a nearby clearing.

A 45-year-old man who was about to be buried walked out of the machine. On seeing the man, some of his relatives rushed to hug him. Others were confused.

“I won”

Later, the 45-year-old admitted he wanted to teach his family a “life lesson”. We are all separated and we don’t see each other. That’s why I wanted to teach them a life lesson and show them that you don’t have to wait for someone to die to meet them,” he explained.

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The Belgian’s idea was met with harsh criticism from many internet users, who deemed it “pathetic” and “very cruel”.

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However, the man defends his “humor”. He says that this way he found out who really cares about him. He insisted that even those who did not attend the ceremony contacted him afterwards. – Absentees contacted to meet me. So, in a way, I won.


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