Belarus. The management team of the Wagner group landed in Belarus. Analysts point to a target

It reports on a flight from Moscow to Babrusk in Belarus Monitoring group “Belarusian Cajun”. According to local investigators, the Il-76 plane landed at its destination around 1:45 p.m.

As emphasized, Babrusk military airport is rarely used by Russian troops stationed in Belarus. This place is located 58 kilometers from one of the camps belonging to the Wagner Group. Therefore, there is strong doubt that the command of the special forces is on board.

“It cannot be ruled out that today’s arrival of the Abacaneer aircraft may also be related to the activities of the Wagner group. The plane will pick up some of the mercenaries currently in the camp“- it was written.

Investigators noted that the engine that appeared at the military airport was previously located at a repair facility in Minsk.

The Wagnerians again went to the front in the Ukraine

A few weeks ago, “New York Times” journalists, citing Russian military sources, An attempt to recruit former fighters of the Wagner group into the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

The actions of the Russian Ministry of Defense are related to the directive issued by Vladimir Putin. The President of Russia, wanting to avoid another mobilization of citizens, released … Orders to include private military groups in the mercenary force including the Wagnerians.

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