Belarus. A man lost his daughter as a result of shelling in Kiev. He will be sent to a penal colony

The Vitebsk District Court sentenced 68-year-old Alyaksandr Patapau to two years in a penal colony. The man was accused of insulting Aliaksandr Lukashenko. The reason was a comment from a Belarusian about the shelling of Ukraine. Belarusian independent media reported that his daughter was killed in a Russian missile attack on Kiev.

On the popular Russian-language website Odnoklassniki, 68-year-old Alyaksandr Patapau wrote about the launch of missiles against Ukraine from the territory Belarus And mentioned Lukashenko – “Nassa Niva” statements. The newspaper did not quote the content of the opinion. He explains that the man posted a post after the shelling of Kiev. His daughter died as a result of attacks by Russian forces in the capital of Ukraine.

Coverage Russia’s attack on Ukraine

The Belarusian branch of Radio Svoboda reported that the man’s entries on the shelling of Ukraine appeared on July 8 and July 16. Patabau was detained and arrested in late August on charges of insulting Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

Photo taken on November 15

Russian missile attack on KievPhoto taken on November 15PAP/EPA/ROMAN PHILIPPINES

Guardians Human rights During the investigation, “the man’s mood is bad, he is very shocked by the tragedy and often cries.”

At the hearing, Pataba said that he was feeling sick and was afraid that he would die. He was kept in a detention center for 94 days under harsh conditions. A jail doctor summoned by the court said that Patapu was getting the medical treatment he needed and there was no need to refer him to the hospital. The court also sentenced two high-security penal colonies.

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