Behind the scenes of the EU summit. The leaders ask themselves questions about Prime Minister Morawiecki

– When 27 people sit at the negotiating table, five hours of talks means an average of 10 minutes each, in which case each leader actually spoke, explained European Council President Charles Michel.

Ultimately, the leaders agreed that Israel had a right to “self-defense in accordance with international humanitarian law” and condemned Hamas “for its brutal and indiscriminate terrorist attacks on Israel, including the use of civilians as human shields.” Rapid, safe and unhindered humanitarian access to the Gaza Strip through “interruptions of hostilities” and humanitarian corridors through which the EU can deliver food, medical care and fuel.

However, the EU summit did not call for a ceasefire. Perceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict vary greatly among the 27 countries. Israel’s side is clearly supported by, among others: the Germans, the Austrians and the Czechs. The loudest voices for humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip came from the Irish, the Dutch, the Luxembourgers and the Spanish. Thanks to the latter, an “international peace conference” and a “two-state” solution to the conflict, establishing an independent Palestine on Israel’s borders, were included in the summit’s conclusions.

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