‘Batman’: Joker Deleted Scene with Barry Keoghan and Robert Pattinson

Batman” Director Matt Reeves A deleted scene from his superhero epic was released on Thursday Robert PattersonThe Caped Crusader faces his classic opponent, the Joker, which he plays Barry Keoghan. The scene is available after the visit website Which mimics the word riddles Riddler (Paul Dano) put forward in the movie.

like Reeves explain to diverse In an interview in February, the scene comes after Batman discovers that Riddler killed the Gotham City Police Commissioner, leaving behind other cryptic notes addressed to Batman. Disturbed by Riddler’s interest in him, Batman decides to seek insight into what makes Riddler tick.

“I thought he would be really insecure about this and might want to find some way to get in [Riddler’s] A mindset, as in “Manhunter” or “Mindhunter” – the idea of ​​identifying a person’s traits, so you can predict their next move,” Reeves said.

The director liked the idea of ​​suggesting to the audience that Gotham City is full of villains on the edge of the story, and that Keoghan’s Joker is one of the first enemies Batman picks up.

“It’s almost an anniversary, isn’t it?” The Joker tells Batman at the scene.

Reeves noted: “You do realize that they had an affair, that this guy did something obvious, and somehow Batman got him to Arkham.”

Batman pays the Joker for reasons why Riddler does what he does, and why he leaves notes for Batman in all of his crimes.

“Maybe he likes you?” Joker says. “Or maybe he has a grudge against you as well. Maybe you are the main course.”

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The scene escalates with the Joker taunting Batman with the disturbing fact that there is a part of him approving of Riddler’s decision to send in the corrupt leaders of Gotham.

“I think somewhere, deep down, you’re just terrified, because you’re not sure he’s wrong,” the Joker says, turning to giggles.

In his previous interview with diverseReeves He went more in depth About why he eventually deleted this scene, but kept the follow-up scene from the end of “Batman” where the Joker and Riddler contact in neighboring cells at Arkham State Hospital, and how he developed the appearance of the Joker with Keoghan and makeup artist Michael Marino.

You can watch Joker’s deleted five-minute scene below.

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