Barstool Sports PFT commentator details electric car journey debacle: 'I'll be driving a diesel now'

A famous sports commentator revealed that an experience he had late this week with his electric car made him reconsider driving a car in the future.

The PFT commentator said on the popular podcast “Pardon My Take” on Friday that the nightmare story happened while he was driving to Indianapolis for the NFL Combine.

“I tried to save the environment and ended up messing myself up,” he said. “I have an electric car, and it's pretty cool for me… I took it on my first road trip this week, and I drove to Indy, and when you leave it it gives you a calculation of how much battery life you have left to get to Indianapolis. So I charged it overnight, and I got what “It's up to 100%. I left in the morning, and she told me I'd have about 15% battery left when I got to Indianapolis. Then there's a charging station here at Lucas Oil. So I was going to hit that and come back.”

“So when I start my drive, I would say that after about 30 minutes of driving, I look at the estimated battery calculator we have remaining and it now says 12%,” he continued. “And then slowly but surely, every mile I drive, it starts to go down, and down, and down, so far it's 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%. So I sent a text message to the group saying: ' Hey, the situation is evolving here. My car may not make it to Indianapolis and I may need to get someone else to take me to the last stop. So I continued on my way and now I'm at zero, so I'm good, I failed. I have to find a charging station.”

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He said that once the battery level dropped to 15%, he turned down the radio volume because he was concerned about draining the battery.

“So I had to find a charging station on the way which — I thought it would take about 15 minutes — added about 30 minutes to my trip,” he continued, adding that he was late getting to the event.

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“I've tried to save the environment, and now I'm going into full Taylor Swift mode and using as much energy as possible,” he added. “I'm going to be traveling so many places, I'm going to be flying on a private plane from Chicago to Indianapolis instead of driving Earth-saving electric cars. This is what I get for trying to save the environment for our kids and our kids' kids. Fuck those kids, yeah 'cause I'm going to drive a diesel now.”

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