Baldur’s Gate 3 has been updated with FidelityFX Supersolution 2.2 support

Baldur’s Gate now has FSR 2.2

The company has released a patch that adds temporary support for FSR.

Moving along FSR 1.0. One of the best games released this year, Baldur’s Gate 3 made a great debut despite only offering FSR 1.0 and DLSS2 support at launch. Players familiar with the pros and cons of these technologies know what a significant improvement they can be on some systems and what the advantages of using versions 2.0 on spatial upscaling hardware are. While players expect more news about FSR3, FSR 2.2 is now being added to more and more games. One of these players is Baldur’s Gate 3.

The game was updated with Patch 4, which included a total of 1,000 improvements. However, alongside these improvements, players have continued to express their desire to improve the game. This included implementing performance optimization techniques such as FSR2. Previously, the game exclusively featured DLSS2, which was limited to compatibility with NVIDIA RTX graphics cards.

Gamers, even those with low-budget systems or portable gadgets, can now expect better visuals. The screenshot from PCGamer shows that FSR 2.0 is a significant improvement over FSR 1, a spatial upscaling technology.

FSR 1.0 vs. FSR 2.2 in Baldur’s Gate, Source: PCGamer

At this time, there is no information available regarding the game’s upcoming Frame Generation support. The game lacks DLSS3 support and there is no indication that it will support FSR3 at this point. However, frame building has its limitations and may require a larger or newer hardware architecture to demonstrate its benefits.

source: Overclock 3D, PCGamer

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