Baker Mayfield’s latest case with Brown

We recently updated how Cleveland were intent on giving quarterbacks Baker Mayfield A fresh start right away. Well, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Brown is not likely to release Mayfield If they fail to find a business partner for the 26-year-old.

According to Rapoport, Cleveland has been in talks with teams interested in trading for Mayfield, but Mayfield’s $18.86 million 2022 salary owed currently prevents a deal from being sealed. Rapoport assumes that perhaps a deal can be struck by a Mayfield agent and a potential new team where a portion of his salary is covered by the Browns, but Mary Kay Capote of Simple Cleveland Trader mentioned a few days ago That Cleveland is not interested in paying a portion of Mayfield’s fifth year option stipend to facilitate trade.

The Seahawks are still on the radar after inquiring about the disgruntled quarterback, but they’re looking for a certain price point and the assumption is that the Browns haven’t even gotten close to it yet. When Brown informed Mayfield that they would try to adapt him for a business deal, Baker mentioned the Colts as an important team, while also stating that he had no interest in going to Detroit, Carolina or Houston. Despite this, the Colts took the path of possession Matt Ryan in trade with hawks.

Another team that has shown interest in Mayfield is the Steelers, whom Cabot has mentioned as “pounces” on Mayfield If Brown released him. Newly acquired quarterback Mitchell TrubeskyA relatively low-cost deal averaging $7.14 million per year makes it highly feasible for Pittsburgh to go after a major quarterback in the free agent market.

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Two other factors likely to hinder a deal are the availability of another proven player Jimmy Garoppolo and the surgery Mayfield underwent on his shoulder after the 2021 NFL season. Also, Cleveland does not expect a first-round pick in exchange for Mayfield. They know that they will have to look elsewhere to make up for any of the first round lost by the acquisition Deshaun Watson from Houston.

Brown will likely continue to work towards finding a new home for Mayfield, but Rapoport cautions us not to expect them to cut it down in an effort to help. If the ideal trading partner fails to emerge, Browns could do well to hold on to their starter for the past four years if their new quarterback, Watson, faces suspension to start the 2022 season.

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