BAFTA member Phil Davis resigns over ’embarrassing misrepresentation’

Phil Davis
picture: Dan Kitwood (Getty Images)

There is no bad press, so one assumes that Brain Trust is behind this year Bafta party He is They laugh and rub their hands together ignominiously at the constant cleavage surrounding the show. Now he’s resigned a member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts over it, extending the life span of his BAFTA speech beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. And Ariana DeBose He had nothing to do with it.

At the very least, actor Phil Davis hasn’t cited DeBose’s reputation (Or Celebration, depending on How do you look at it) rap as one of the reasons he left the establishment, though it might fall under the “awkward” umbrella. Specifically, it is chirp that “the BAFTA Awards were an embarrassing farce.” And he added, “The speeches of the winners are cut off for the non-interviewers.” Poor Richard E. Grant pretends to get into the Batmobile and not Bernard Cribbins at a memorial [sic]. I have resigned my membership.”

Davis, fellow doctor who Alum, was not the only one to protest Cribbins’ omission in the segment; Others love him Railway children Co-star Sally Thomsett And doctor who exit Douglas McKinnon They also expressed their displeasure on Twitter. the Official BAFTAs Twitter He attributed this to the “limited time in our broadcast” and promised that it would “be remembered for the next televised BAFTA Awards broadcast in May”.

But of course, that wasn’t the only BAFTA misstep, intentional or otherwise. There was an awkward mix in it She said‘s Carey Mulligan has been announced winner instead of Anisherin from InisherinKerry Condon. And All Quiet on the Western Front Screenwriter/producer Leslie Patterson also expressed disappointment that her acceptance speech was cut from the broadcast, according to diverse: “It’s definitely frustrating. Because it really takes a village to make a movie and the whole team has to be recognized.”

Then there’s what BAFTA producer Nick Bullen would call “razzmatazz,” and obviously Davis would call “awkward,” which includes Grant’s ostentatious arrival and DeBose’s instantly famous tune of “An-ge-la Bassett did the thing.” (The pronunciation, which, by the way, was Previously planned as a With classic camp confidence, per Rehearsal video right before the show.)

“I think a lot of people don’t like change, and there’s a view that BAFTAs should be these traditional, stern British messages a little bit from Middle England,” said Pullen. diverse Regarding DeBose’s backlash, though, it may also apply to criticisms of Davis. He cited the American Awards Shows as “more than just entertainment” and encouraged the BAFTAs to evolve and “move forward with some nice changes”. He added, “And I think some people don’t like that change, but you know what? You have to deal with it because changes are coming.” Perhaps this will alienate members like Davis, but according to diverse The BAFTAs are ranked, so it looks like change is here to stay.

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