Austria: The president has set himself on fire. He asked the poor to eat at McDonald’s

Austrian public opinion lives by talk The head of government is Karl Nehhammer. The politician was recorded at a meeting of the Austrian People’s Party on Wednesday evening. Several minutes of text were posted online.

The most controversial part is about hungry children in Austria. Nehammer disagrees with this view and presents his argument. – What does it mean if a child does not receive a hot meal in Austria? Do you know where the cheapest hot meal is in Austria? – he asked the assembled people.

Austria: Chancellor’s Controversial Words Public opinion is outraged

Nehhammer argued that this diet was “not healthy, but cheap.” – A hamburger at McDonald’s costs 1.40 eurosIf I buy it with fries, it’s EUR 3.50 – he said. The politician then wondered aloud: “Is anyone seriously saying we live in a country where parents can’t afford to feed their children this kind of food?”

The Chancellor did not refrain from making another point. – If I don’t have enough money, I go to work more – he emphasized.

Nehamar has told the children to eat unhealthy food and the public is very dissatisfied. Austrian People’s Party confirmed the authenticity of the post, but indicated that it had been “redacted”..

Austria: Party issues explanation to chancellor after controversial comment

“Like the Federal Chancellor, we strongly believe that Every child in Austria can get a hot meal“If parents take responsibility, especially as we continue to support families like never before,” the statement said.

Tomas Trella (left): We are not an appetizer/RMF FM/RMF

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