Attack on the occupiers’ base in Melitopol. More than a hundred Russians died

In the evening, a series of attacks took place in southern Ukraine. Reports indicate that 10 strikes took place near occupied Melitopol. “Today at 21:00 there was an artillery shell of Ukrainian HIMARS missiles on the Melitopol outskirts. Two missiles were shot down by air defense, four hit the target,” Vladimir Rokov, a member of the occupation authorities of the Zaporizhia region. wrote in a telegram.

Russian media also released a video of the rescue operation. A Russian website says the attack took place on an “entertainment center” and injured 10 people.

Ukrainian authorities say a church that was a Russian hideout has been set on fire. – According to preliminary estimates, about 200 squatters were burned in Melitopol. Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov said that the wounded are immediately taken to Crimean hospitals because there are not enough beds in Melitopol hospitals.

Photographs taken from the scene are circulating on the Internet.

Source: Twitter, RIA Novosti

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